Offering multiple levels in multiple age groups – after all, everyone deserves a chance to develop.

Read on for specifics of what levels/teams we can offer.

Pipeline Premier

Grad year mixed or pure teams competing at the highest level, seeking recruitment at the highest level. This team is not a year-round team, but will showcase together after a selection process for specific events. Possible events include college play days, showcases and tournaments.

Pipeline Platinum

Grad year pure teams – events consist of college camps, clinics, and showcases as well as tournaments – highest amount of travel, competing at recruiting events.

Pipeline Pursuit

Grad year pure or mixed teams – events consist of college showcases, and tournaments – still a fair amount of travel depending on age.

Pipeline Practice Player

Mixed grad years Training for the upcoming season, Summer, Fall, Winter training available. Optional events, minimal travel.

Lessons and training teams are also available

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